Log-Tag Temperature Recorder with External Probe -LOGEXT



Simple, Automated Temperature Monitoring.

LogTags are dead simple to use. Configure your logger with our easy-to-use software, hit ‘start’ and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy!

No matter your requirements, we’ve got you covered. Log-Tags come in a variety of different models to suit different industries and requirements.

Plus, LogTags are used by professionals worldwide, so you can rest easy knowing you’re buying a reliable product.


About Log Tag LOGEXT


The LOGEXT is the perfect LogTag when you need to measure temperatures inside products. Using one of a variety of external probes, the LOGEXT makes it easy to record temperatures in places where a traditional logger isn’t able to get to.

The remote sensor makes it ideal to measure temperature inside products. A choice of 3 types of probes is available to either assist in handling or to keep the size to a minimum.




-30°C to 85°C




8,000 (reusable)


2 LEDs – Alert and OK


A remote sensor on a 1.5m lead


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