STR551 Indicator/panel meter/Controller/Retransmission

Indicator/panel meter/Controller/Retransmission

STR551 – data sheet

STR551 – manual



STR551 is an indicator/panel meter for acquisition and retransmission of
processes, also with fast transient. It is provided with relay outputs for alarm
purpose, analogue outputs for retransmission of process/setpoints and
programmable digital inputs.
Available in standard format 96x48mm, the device can be configured both for
horizontal and vertical mounting.
Distinctive feature is the intuitive multilingual interface, supported by a graphic
LCD display 128×64 pixel with backlighting programmable for 7 colors.
Visualization options include bar graph and process trend with programmable
sampling time.
Software features include mathematical functions related to process value like
Totalizer and Sum.
Serial connectivity relies on RS485 and Modbus-RTU protocol.



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