LogTag Analyser Software + USB Reader Kit




Simple, Automated Temperature Monitoring.

Log-Tags are dead simple to use. Configure your logger with our easy-to-use software, hit ‘start’ and you’re ready to go. It’s that easy!

No matter your requirements, we’ve got you covered. Log-Tags come in a variety of different models to suit different industries and requirements.

Plus, Log-Tags are used by professionals worldwide, so you can rest easy knowing you’re buying a reliable product.
To configure Log-Tags and read the results you require a reader (cradle) and software.

Log-Tag Analyser is the comprehensive solution for Log-Tag data analysis and configuration. This easy to use Windows software allows you to configure your Log-Tag, including setting alarm thresholds and the data capture interval. When you have captured some readings, all data can be easily downloaded to the software and graphed and annotated in a variety of formats.

Software Features

  • Automatic download of results when Log-Tag Logger is connected
  • Configuration of Log-Tag Logger, including batch configuration
  • Display results in multiple chart formats
  • Reports and summaries
  • Store results on computer for later use
  • Automatic emailing and upload of results

Reader/Cradle Features

    • Easy to use
    • Robust

NOTE: Log-Tag readers/loggers sold separately.



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