Thermochron Temperature Logger – TC -30°C to 85°C

Resolution: 0.5°C



Simple, Automated Temperature Monitoring.

Thermochron Temperature Loggers are the perfect device for continually monitoring the temperature, especially when space is limited. These tiny devices automatically record the date, time and temperature at a set interval. You can then download the results to a PC where they can be viewed, analysed and saved for later.

There’s a reason this is our most popular product – the number of applications for this Temperature Loggers is virtually endless. Thermochrons are commonly used for food fridges and freezers, vaccine fridges, transportation (solve problems with spoilage of goods), medical storage, blood storage, air conditioning and heating.

No matter what size business you are a part of, this Temperature Logger provides a low cost, easy to use solution for ensuring temperature compliance. If a problem exists, it will help identify when, for how long and how bad the problem is.


Thermochrons are made from stainless steel and so can withstand harsh environments.

Large Range

Thermochrons are one of the only temperature loggers that can be used at 140°C without an external probe.

Powerful Software

Use this Thermochron with eTemperature control and reporting software, designed and developed by us here in Australia.


Details on the TC Logger


The TC Thermochron is our entry level temperature logger. It provides the maximum range for general applications with 0.5° resolution.

It is recommended for applications where a wide range of temperatures are involved or where budget is the key factor.

The durable stainless steel package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and shock. Accessories permit the TC to be mounted on almost any object, including containers, pallets, and bags.


Key Features


  • Resolution: 0.5°C
  • Accuracy: 1°C.
  • Temperature range of -30° to 85°
  • Logs up to 2048 consecutive temperature measurements in protected nonvolatile (NV) memory.
  • Programmable sample rate from 1 minute to 255 minutes
  • Programmable Temperature-High and Temperature-Low Alarm Trip Points.
  • Water resistant or water proof if placed inside DS9107 capsule.


Common Features


  • Small size makes it easy to place and store almost anywhere
  • Unique, Factory-Lasered and Tested 64-Bit Registration Number (8-Bit Family Code + 48-Bit Serial Number + 8-Bit CRC Tester) Assures Absolute Traceability Because no Two Parts are alike.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Case Engraved with Registration Number Withstands Harsh Environments.
  • Easily Affixed with Self-Stick Adhesive Backing, Latched by its Flange, or Locked with a Ring Pressed Onto its Rim.
  • Intrinsically Safe Apparatus: Approved Under Entity Concept for Use in Class I, Division 1, Group A, B, C and D Locations (application pending).




  • Environmental and thermal management systems (HVAC).
  • Human and animal temperature monitoring.
  • Monitoring of refrigeration systems.
  • Temperature-critical product shipping and storage, such as fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and blood products.




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